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Windell Oskay

> Two of my six panels have an arrangement of 5 lights (trapezoidal pattern) that stay lit up and do not interact in any way. I haven’t been able to find the problem. Any ideas?

One panel at a time: Are those 5 LEDs on full bright, or only a little bit? And, how are the other 10 LEDs in that quadrant acting?

First thing to double check is that each LED in that half-quadrant is oriented correctly (check the LED “collars” to make sure that the flats all point the same way) and that each LED in the quadrant is correctly soldered. Check each solder joint to make sure that they look shiny and clean.

> Is there an easy way to add music to the device so that when the lights are going, music is automatically triggered?

There are a few different ways if you know some electronics, but I’m not sure what you regard as “easy” — you could sense and divide the output signal from each node, but then you also need to figure out what kind of device you plan to drive from that output.