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Hello!!! There is here what kind of problem. Acquired XY plotter (Axi Draw v2) in order to write them a lot of synopses. But faced with this. When we open a pdf file with a summary in Inskape, when we print it, AxiDraw requires that we finish the object (this is in the “Outline” tab), but when we do this,
then Inskape encircles each letter so that at least two circuits are obtained. For example, the letter “O” has both an outer contour and an inner contour. And the plotter draws the pen not with the letter “O”, but with two contours! As we know, people do not write like that. A man is enough for one line! QUESTION!!! How to make Inscape do a contour not on both sides of a letter,
but by letter, i.e. The contour should go as it were “inside” the letter and it should be one! It’s like a pen written. Inskape has “Hershey Text” (the EXPANSION tab and then the DRAWING), which contains a path that follows the letter. And this circuit is one. But in “Text Hershey” there is no possibility of choosing the font that I need. YOU ARE WELCOME,
Help!!! How to draw a contour “on the letter”, so that the XY pen of the plotter would write like a person, and not draw out the outlines of the letters. Or can it be possible to print directly and MSWord? And can it be possible through other programs to realize our intention to write abstracts? Thank you