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Maybe I’m just not understanding the Hershey Text extension correctly but I am still getting outlines.  I am trying to take line drawings similar to the examples seen in the Axidraw videos and download examples like the Iron Man, Wiresphere, and signatures and draw them with the Axidraw but I’m not getting single line drawings.  I’m still getting multi-line drawings as if it’s drawing an outline of the image.  I have .jpg images that are black and white line drawings.  I import those into Inkscape and then I have tried the Path -> Trace Bitmap and still get multi line drawings instead of a single stroke.  When I import a .jpg image and try the Hershey Text to obtain a single stroke I still get the same results.  How do I import a .jpg line drawing and use the Axidraw to draw that image using a single line stroke?  I thought this would be easier or thought there would at least be better, straightforward, tutorials to obtain the results shown in the videos or examples that are downloaded.