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Getting a reply from “daxbot” is higly unlikely – the stats from the forum states that daxbot’s last visit to this forum was in October 2012.

quote from earlier post in this thread;

We can certainly create new fonts and characters, and there have been
other requests to do so. Probably the first step should be to build a
modern Hershey font editor– perhaps based in Processing –so that we
can begin to add these and other requested font characters.

The best bet to get accented characters in the hershey extension would be to have WIndell generate it.
He is the original author of the extensions and have the knowledge and possibly code to “translate” a regular font into the file needed by the extensions.
Windell – what if we say “Please”? (We can even send you some “Hershey” bars!)
I know that this will be “a project for a rainy day” and as such has got low priority.