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I am also working in an area with a lot of light so my light source ended up needing to be very close to the bot to be able to see the shadow. I had a hard time seeing the shadow after a solid layer of a dark color. And I used tape to hold the paperclip in place but in hindsight that probably made the paperclip slowly drift as the tape settled so to speak. 

I have a precision egg coupler but I haven’t opened it simply because I haven’t felt I needed to yet. It only takes me about 40s to get the egg in the coupler well and I don’t think I’ve had any issues with slipping. I will be switching to the precision coupler once my engraver gets here today and I start working on glass.

I drew lines on the feet of my eggbot and on the table so that if I bumped the bot I can easily find the spot it was in before. The “imponator effect” was new to me. I had to look it up … but thank you for the compliment! :D
I love the idea of that handle on the center shaft. Great mock-up of this problem for future users! :)