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Windell Oskay


It’s not clear what the situation is. You may have a bad power supply, or it may just be the case that you need to turn down the pot. If you have the current turned up too high on the pot, the motors will make noises, get hot, and plot poorly.  When the current is adjusted correctly, they typically get warm but not hot, do not make noises, and plot very smoothly.  If you can measure the power output, you’ll likely find a properly tuned EggBot drawing 500-800 mA.  If it’s drawing a full 1.5 A, you have the motors turned up way too high.
So, I’d suggest dialing down the current first, and then switching to the other power supply, to see if it’s working at the more modest current level.  If you can measure the output voltage, check to see if it’s putting out a proper 9 V as well.