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For the multi-bot setup to work on Mac / Linux this will have to be incorporated in the eggbot extension.

Correct.  I just never got around to doing that.  At the time, there was no pressing need for it: Windell and Lenore were the only people likely to be running more than one eggbot at a time and they weren’t in dire need of it.  They did suggest at one point that I go ahead and put it in, but absent any serious need for it, it seemed prudent to myself at least to leave it out — to reduce likelihood of another potential issue.  (E.g., if a new permissions model is introduced and now your lowly, mortal login account needs a permission for locking files. That’s a *real* stretch of the imagination since a lot of established code would break if that were the case.)

From other threads on this forum I see that the inkscape eggbot extensions are “stripped to the bone” to aid code reliability so this might/might not make it to the “official” code.

Sure, I was involved with some of that myself.  (You’ll see my name here and there in the various extensions.)  But if there is a legitimate need for this support, I can carve out the time to finish it and then discuss over on the eggbot-dev list, or directly with Windell and Lenore, whether or not to move forward with it.  We could even make it optional via either (1) a UI element [tick box], or (2) by making a file appear which enables it, or (3) something else.