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I am so frustrated!  Creating SVG files is a royal pain.  I created a file using Graphic (Autodesk) iOS version. I opened it and fixed the font (Inkscape did not have the font). I drew the other elements in Graphic, which appear to be done correctly as a path and get the message… 

Warning: unable to draw bitmap images; please convert them to line art first.  Consider using the “Trace bitmap…” tool of the “Path” menu.  Mac users please note that some X11 settings may cause cut-and-paste operations to paste in bitmap copies.
ITS not a bitmap…. 
I thought I read all there is concerning creating files, but this is about to make me put this thing on the shelf until someone way smarter than me comes up with an app that says – “do what you want” and I will make it Eggbot ready!  
Help! Perhaps I could send the file to someone to help me fully understand what is going on. 
Even the layer that has only text from Inkscape gives me the error above.