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Windell Oskay

You’re trying something that (in all likelihood) no one has ever done before; I’m not surprised in the least that you are finding it frustrating.

I haven’t heard of Graphic before, nor seen a file that it generates. And, regardless of whether or not it uses vectors for drawing paths, you also need to be able to export them into a vector file format that Inkscape understands. 

Inkscape does not have _any_ fonts– it only uses the ones on your computer. If you need to have font interoperability between Inkscape and whatever other program you’re using, you’ll need to have that font installed on your computer. (This is the exact same thing that would be true of any other program that uses fonts.) If you cannot install this font on your computer, then I’d suggest converting your text from into vectors before exporting.
The “bitmap” warning is triggered any time that there is an image file within your document. And, it won’t be triggered unless there is an image file there.  As I haven’t ever seen a file created in Graphic, I do not know what kind of an image is in there, nor whether there is any vector content in addition to the image.
If you would like to send us your SVG file (and possibly the original file that you exported from Graphic), please contact customer service directly. We might be able to provide some insight.