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Windell Oskay

I’m not sure that I can understand exactly what is going wrong from that description. If part of a letter draws, but the top does not, perhaps you could watch a little more closely and see exactly what is going on there. Did the pen actually *lift up* (i.e., with a movement of the pen lift motor), or was it simply not touching the ornament there? 

Most likely, the pen tried to go there, but was not set at the right position over the full curvature of the ornament.  Please see section “4.5 Inserting a pen, and checking alignment” in the EggBot Pro user guide– you likely need to adjust the position of the pen holder. For spheres (like ornaments) the vertical pen position should be set fully up (see section 4.4), and the horizontal position should be set according to the chart in section 5.5, to make sure that it neatly traces over the full arc.  

I say “most likely” because you have indicated separately that the pen position is not in the right place. If the pen does not lift completely in some places, that indicates that the pen holder position is not correct. Again, see the chart in section 4.5.