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Windell Oskay

>Lbuntu “/dev/serial/by-id# ls usb-SchmalzHaus_EiBotBoard-if00”

I’m not sure that I follow.  First, is “Lbuntu” the same as Lubuntu, or is this a different distribution?
Second, please try the following command, and let me know what output you get:
#ls /dev/ttyACM* 
> Opened Inkscape – same problem – servo appears to be ‘locked’ and the steppers are a bit stiffer – Probably still need more power to the steppers. How many volts and what size Amp wise will the bot board Handle?
Have you been able to communicate with the EBB at any point through Inkscape?   It is not necessary (or even, a particularly good idea) to adjust the motor current setting until after you have established communication.  And, we recommend a 9V/1.5 A power supply.