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Thanks Wendell,

I’ll try the Eggbot on other computers in the next few daze. I have Windoze in XP and 7 versions as well as Ubuntu 10.10 and I am sure another version of Ubuntu on a netbook.
With 1.25A and 24V, a fairly serious CNC machine might be crafted.
A few other comments; The kit was missing the 10-32 set screw for the tail stock. I found one locally, only 22 miles from ‘home’. The hardest thing was to figure out it WAS 10-32 (.19 dia) and not 5mm X .8  (0.19685 X ~31.75).
This kit has to be the best ‘kit’ I have ever assembled. I’m old enough to collect social insecurity and trust me, I’ve seen more than a few kits.
AND, which direction would you like me to proceed? Other LINUX, Winsux …..??? I’ll probably start with Win7 on a netbook as it is pretty handy.