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Thanks Windell.  I did go through the tutorial, and everything works as advertised, but it doesn’t seem to cover this subject.  I haven’t tried their forum, but I did look through it to see if anyone else was talking about this, which they werent.  I’ve looked over the library several times and the impression it gives me is that this is all a straightforward matter of packing bits row wise into a byte array, but I haven’t been able to get that to work as well as it should except in that one case I mention above.  Now there are two special things about that case.  First, the other images are larger than the test image that worked.  Next, I actually did the conversion by hand instead of using some scripts that _should_ do the same work.  To make a long story short, I’m beginning to suspect that the code that’s supposed to build the array isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.  Maybe it’s insisting on using signed values, or who knows.. I’m thinking about going through and writing a conversion script that does a little debugging.  That or something in c where I can guarantee the behavior.