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Well, you’d be able to do it a row at a time, where if you were doing 84 pixel rows, each set of two rows would have a byte split between them, so it would be equally easy to scroll off the edge by two rows, but it would be kind of a pain to do one.  Still, I think aesthetically, I’d prefer that they picked a direction and stuck with it.  If they’re mapping everything column-wise, just do one screen column after the next, so that your image ends up needing a simple rotation in order to behave the way you think it should.  Start at the top left, draw the entire column straight down, and so on.  With a little bit of pointer magic, you could still make it reasonably easy to scroll something off the display.

Anyway, that being said, it’s now _just_ an aesthetic argument, since everything is working.  I’m looking at the way it handles text now, which has its own oddities.  The font that’s built in is a 5×7 pixel font.  The entire font is packed into an array, and the text handling functions have the 5×7 hard-wired into them.  They’ll resize it in multiples of two by drawing filled squares on the display instead of pixels, but that’s pretty much it.  I’m thinking about trying to load in a larger font (at least to display numerics) and also support alternate languages, at least in such a way that you could use the display to render non-ascii characters in some way.