Re: Octolively Kit


HI again,

Thanks for the comment Windell.

I’ve tested my power source and as far as I can tell the power source is fine. I tested it using the guidelines in this YouTube video

However after doing some testing i noticed when my dc supply was set to 5 volts it was outputting 6.22 volts. I have tested the DC plug also on 3v, 4.5v, 5v 6v, 9v and 12v and each time it is outputting at least 1 volt more than is listed (although i feel like this is standard).

Could this be the reason the boards fried? Surely not?
-With this in mind would you consider just ‘re-flashing the boards’. If so are you able to run me through the process?Alternatively what would you suggest?

Thank you very much for your help I greatly appreciate it!