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Windell Oskay

Hi David,

  It would be helpful if you would ask for assistance *before* getting to the point that you conclude that you can’t make it work or that you feel that you need to tell us repeatedly that your son is disappointed.  We can make it work, but it’s a lot easier (for everyone) if you ask for help before you get frustrated.
The “Unexpected char: “i”” error *may* indicate that you tried to open up the Arduino program that you generated with Processing.  Is this possible?  If so, open the file with Arduino and try again.  Until very recently, all Arduino files were saved with file extension “.pde” –this has been a source of confusion, especially now that “.ino” is recommended.  
Regardless of the extension type, Arduino will *always* insist that a new file should go in a like-named folder.  Allow it to assist you with this process.
The “Peggy2 does not name a type” error means that you do not have the Peggy2 library for Arduino installed.   You will need to install this before any Peggy program will work, whether or not it was generated with PeggyDraw 2. 
* Download the Peggy2 library for Arduino, here: 
* Install the Peggy 2 library: Unzip it, and place the resulting file in your Arduino libraries folder.
* If you have trouble locating your libraries folder, look for the “sketchbook” folder location in Arduino preferences.  This is a folder, usually named “Arduino,” somewhere on your computer system.  If there is not a folder named “libraries” (all lower case) in you sketchbook folder, make one, and put the library there.
* Restart the Arduino program after having done so.
Please let me know how it goes.  If you do come across additional difficulty, we’re here to help.