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Windell Oskay

First: there is essentially no chance that you messed up the servo motor on your own. Historically, these servos have been extremely reliable; I’ve never heard of one being ruined by following our normal setup routine. However, it is very plausible that you just got one of the “bad eggs” from that batch– The servo factory has admitted fault here.

Second: As a servo motor comes from the factory, its output shaft can be facing in any direction (within the 2/3 of a turn that it can face). Because we don’t know its initial orientation, we move the shaft through its range, to point it in the center of its range. We *also* need to have the servo horn pointing in the correct direction. These are separate requirements, so there are two steps. IF you are certain of the initial orientation of the servo motor shaft, you can skip the first step. Since you’ve already got the software working, you can do this with your replacement: Use the EggBot software to “raise” and “lower” the new servo, before the horn is in place. Once it’s in the “down” position, press the horn on, in the correct orientation for the “pen down” position.