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Windell Oskay

The link seems to work. And yes, those screws that you’ve drawn the arrows to are the same ones that I was referring to. However, there shouldn’t be any plastic parts there– that should be metal on metal on metal.

Can you please not sure what you mean about these looking different from the user guide? I don’t see any difference there from what’s pictured in the guide.
We have generally not had a problem with those screws loosening. However, if they have come loose then be sure to (1) fully remove the pen clip before trying to tighten them, and (2) use the short side of the 3/32 hex L-wrench to tighten them. If they persist in loosening, you might try a drop of threadlocker if you have access to it, or adding a small dot of glue to the side of the screw head (once attached) to prevent it from turning. You might also try tightening the two screws one at a time (tightening only one of them — leaving the other loose) to see if perhaps one of the screws isn’t really tightening at all.