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I received my 3.3 volt relay today, and mounted it to a board to connect to the EBB.

If I understand your numbering system, B1 is the bottom three pins, B0 above that, then B2, with B3 on the top.
I expect to take 3.3v off of B3, as the connector that I have that fits that pin spacing won’t easily fit the inner connectors.
To check that I had the relay pins correct, I tried to check by hooking it up to B1, since I know B1 works, as the pen lift operates properly.
Not knowing the polarity ahead of time, I metered the pins and was surprised to find +5V center pin to the rearmost pin and -5v from the center pin to the frontmost pin. I was expecting 3v.
If my 3.3v relay will be happy with 5v, then no problem. I figured I should check first. Am I reading this wrong? 
And, assuming I’ll be using B3, which pins should I use to trigger my relay?