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In looking at at the pins for rows B0 through B7 appeared to me to be  unnumbered (see below). Each of those pins labeled as ground have a “+” sign inside the circle, so I figured that I should check to make sure I was looking at /looking for the right thing. 

So, not having pin numbers to go by there, I used “outboard” to mean the ground and signal pins, and not the (“inboard”) 5v pin. Sorry I didn’t come up with a better description.

What was not clear to me was that B0 through B7 number individual pins, and not the row of three pins as a unit.

My confusion on the schematic was that the pins are numbered RB0 through RB7 rather than B0 through B7. I should have picked up on that.

Anyway, I think your last response takes care of my hardware questions.

I’ll try to get the Python changes made over the weekend and test it out.

Thanks for your help.