Re: problem with Meggy Jr


Thanks for your answer Windell!

power: it seems to be ok. I measured the voltage between pin7 and pin22 and there is  power. both with battery and with power supply (which is from evilmadscientis:).
I reheated the chip’s pins to make it look better but there is no change:( still no operation.
as I am beginner at the hardware debugging here comes some (stupid;) questions:
how can I crosscheck if there is accidental connection on reset button or on pin1? I mean which points should I measure (the resistance I assume…or voltage)?
I measured the voltage between the crystal’s two pins and there is 0.15V with battery and 0.16V with 5Vpower supply when the board powered. is that ok? and how can I check the capacitors?

I also measured voltage on the ATMEGA pins 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14 compared to the ground and seems to be the same output(?). it is around 3.68V with battery input having 4.3V. I don’t know how good it is…
and I have only a cheap multimeter…
there is also voltage on pins 9 and 10 (the oscillator) compared to ground. there is 0.7V with battery input of 4.3V.
thanks for the help and patience for my amateur questions;)!

best regards,