Re: problem with Meggy Jr


storno my above comments. now it is working after some work. there was a problem around the soldering of the crystal – I suspect.
first I removed the original crystal and put a replacement there. with the replacement I uploaded one of the examples and it was working.
but my replacement crystal was too tall – could not fit between the plastic plates – decided to remove it and put back the original one. just to see whether it was ok or I had problem with soldering. it was not working again. then I removed the original crystal at second time. but I damaged the hole in the board – there was too much heat and pulling…:( so I put two wires in the hole of the crystal and put the original crystal at the end of the wires.
and voila – it is working….after some frustration.

the bottom line – I should be more careful with soldering and especially more patient when removing items from the soldered place.


and now the fun begins with creating games:)

best regards,