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Windell Oskay

I’m not certain that I understand exactly what you are saying; we do not have any native spanish speakers on staff. 

Let me try to understand. When you first start using the EggBot, the pen keeps a constant distance from the egg. But later, the servo motor slowly increases the distance from the egg. You need to change the endpoints in the software to make it work again.
You have tried different servo motors.
You have tried a different controller board (EBB). 
You have tried the latest software. 
Is this all correct?
Some questions:
* Which latest software are you using? The original installed version on the EBB is the recommended version (not the latest).

* When you adjust the software settings for “pen up” and “pen down” positions, are they the same every time? Does it always turn on with the same settings?  

* Does the servo position change if you are *not* drawing on an egg?

* What power supply are you using? Is it the one that came with the kit?