Re: Program ATTiny 4313 w/ISP Shield?

Windell Oskay

The ‘2313 target board and the ISP shield both have the same orientation for the ISP header.  In both cases the headers need to be installed on the tops of the boards, and you need to orient the cable the same way at both ends.   This means that the red stripe side of the cable has to go towards the arrow-marked pin (pin 1) on both ends.

So, it sounds like one end of your cable is backwards.
You should never use the “-F” option to override signature checking– *unless* you actually intend to program a chip as though it was one of a different type– a very rare but possible circumstance.  Since you *are* programming a ‘t4313 as a ‘t4313, you should definitely NOT use the “-F” option.   If you use “-F”, it will turn of important error checking that you actually should be using and paying attention to.
Also, normally we use ‘avrisp’ not ‘arduino’ as the programmer type when doing this, and the USB port should be declared as “-P usb” not “-P /dev/xxxxx”.