Re: RB4 on the EBB

Hi Windell,
 Thanks for your response.
I have the engraver attachment too. I would like to try it. I have no experience in programming or reading code. Sorry for the stupid question but

 Open up the Eggbot software ( within the Inkscape Extensions folder, and look through the code.”

 I don’t know where to go to find this folder. I have been searching my computer.

Where to find the extensions on your system

Eggbot’s extensions to Inkscape are text files. There are two text files per extension: a Python program with file extension .py and a menu description with file extension .inx. The syntax of the latter file is that of XML while its semantics are specific to Inkscape [3]. These files are located in different directories on different platforms:

  • Linux: ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/
  • Mac OS X: /Applications/
  • Windows: C:Program FilesInkscapeshareextensions
 I know I have the eggbot extensions installed because I can use them in Inkscape (“Eggbot control” is there and the other extensions too). I updated everything: Xquartz 2.7.4, Inkscape 0.48.2, Eggbot Ext. 2.3.1. Where do I search to find these text files?
I am a Mac user. 
I’m sure it’s somthing obvious.
Thanks again