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Yes it is for a Peggy 2.  Im trying to recreate something very similar to Jim Campbell’s Exploded Views.  

I want from all sides for the LEDs to look randomly placed and floating however from the front or back you would be able to view animation. Im running 2 conductor wire to each LED position then to the LED.  The wire will be routed through a piece of material with holes drilled to form a 25 x 25 grid with 1 inch between each hole. To create the randomness I would need to change the depth for the each LED on the top row.  I could manually just drop the wire down a different hole to create the randomness but it would create a mess of wires and use more material.  If I could remap the output then I could just go 1 to 1 with the LED position to holes then use the software to set where each pixel pops up.  I don’t have a preferred program or environment to do this in.  I would like to keep everything as close to the current code and setup as it is now so that I could explore other ways to mess with input following write ups others have done. Thanks