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Paul Williamson

RoboPaint 0.7.5 still misbehaves in similar ways on my WaterColorBot.

The Still Life example is no longer provided, so I can’t re-test it.
On the Mona Lisa sample, it still does exactly the same amount of successful painting as before, and still locks up with “Drawing path svg_61 fill…” in the status area. However, the Pause button is no longer unresponsive — instead, it restarts the painting, like it used to do on the Still Life example. The new Cancel Print not-quite-a-button does work, which is good, except that somehow it fails to get exactly back to the home position. All the above observations held for several repeats, and then it went back to the old behavior, with all the on-screen interactions unresponsive.
Speaking of the Cancel Print not-quite-a-button … the dialog for this has buttons “Cancel” and “OK”, and one is expected to hit “OK” if he wants to cancel and “Cancel” if he doesn’t want to cancel. That is just bad.
Oddly, the version number shown in the About dialog and in the Finder is still exactly the same as it was before. Only the (completely different) on-screen version number has been updated.