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Windell Oskay

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for giving that a try, and I am sorry that it was not much better of an experience.  It sounds like 0.7.5 is a mixed blessing in terms of interface, and additionally does not fix the main issue.  Version 0.7.5 is still “pre-release” and I think that we still have some work to do before we can give it an “official release.”
Question: When you cancel a painting, and you say that it “fails to get exactly back to the home position,” does it go home when you press the “Park Home” button, or is it genuinely losing position?  (Perhaps obvious, but these kinds of tests can be run without a brush in the machine, so that you’re not wasting paint or paper.)
Version 0.7.5 has a new feature that may help us get to the bottom of the responsiveness issue. When you open up RoboPaint, please press Ctrl-Shift-D to open up the dev tools window. There, click on the “console” tab which will log what’s going on behind the scenes.  Is there anything different that happens when the interface becomes unrepsonsive?
We are aware of — and I am also not happy about — the version number issue. ( )  Perhaps we could title the app something like “RoboPaint” to skirt the issue.