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Windell Oskay

RoboPaint and RoboPaint RT are not related, except for the names. They share zero code under the hood. However, since both do access the USB ports, it is likely that RoboPaint will not be able to find the machine if RoboPaint RT is still running, or was not quit correctly. (Restarting, as you have done, should eliminate the possibility of that causing a conflict.)

Please run the installer for the current version (“Install_robopaint_Win_64bit_v2.0.0-beta.2.exe”). Make sure that it is _on your computer_ (not on a stick), and have your WaterColorBot connected via USB when you launch. If necessary, make sure to give permission for the install. Running this latest version normally works fine on Windows 10; I’ve just re-installed here to verify that things are working properly in general.

RoboPaint does not use Python or Java. Having current versions of those should not cause any conflict. 

If you do continue to have trouble connecting, please contact us directly, and we’ll ask a few additional troubleshooting questions.