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Windell Oskay

Hi John,

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.
The first thing to do is to figure out if the issue is specific to RoboPaint, or if it’s something else.  
– Do you get any kind of response at all within RoboPaint? 
– Are you able to get the WaterColorBot to respond from within RoboPaint RT or Inkscape?
If you aren’t seeing any response at all, you might check to see if the WaterColorBot shows up in the device manager. It should look something like “USB Serial (UBW-based) communications port (COM…)”   If not, you might try reinstalling RoboPaint — its installer also installs the Windows driver that allows you to connect to it.  You might try a different USB cable if you have one handy. You might try another port on your computer.  If you are connected through a USB hub, you might try connecting directly instead.
If the issue *is* RoboPaint specific, then things are a little worse. There have been a few cases that we’ve heard of where RoboPaint conflicts with something, and will not launch or connect on a given system. I’m afraid that we have thus far been able to  track down exactly what is causing it. If you can confirm that this is specific to RoboPaint, we would love to have your help tracking it down. (There is very little harder than tracking down problems that you can’t replicate.) There’s more discussion, here: