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Hi Lenore…
Wow, thanks for the prompt reply!

I have the Deluxe Eggbot, purchased about a month or so ago (Santa got it for me, so I’m not sure of the exact date.)  I can’t see any checkmark near the screw terminals.  The EBB is screened version 2.3.

I’ve just now interrupted a print by deliberately pressing the PRG button – worked as expected.  I’ve also now, after finishing a print, pressed PRG several times.  It sounds normal to my ears – a slight clean sound of contact being made, and feels normal to my fingers – a slight snap action.  (I am an electrical engineer by trade, so I think I have a pretty good feel for these things.)

Now that I’ve tweaked the switch, I will take no further action unless the problem continues to occur.

Now that I know that my unit’s behavior is not normal, I think before I do any sending EBB back, that I will poke around the switch contacts with a scope – see if I find any unusual noise.  I am familiar with the PIC 18F46J50, having designed my own board using it, and having programmed it.  So…I’ll take a look around and see what I see.

It’ll likely be a couple of days before I have a chance to do this – should I just reply to this thread when I’ve had my look-see?

Best regards,
…Shel M