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I didn’t get around to looking at my ‘scope because the serial timeout problem seemed to have magically gone away.  (Well, actually, the eggbot hadn’t had much exercise since I first reported this problem – having too much fun programming.)

BUT, it seems I can now repeatably get the EBB Serial Timeout error message, and on a small file to boot!  8^)  It occurs every time, and at the exact same place in the plot.

I’ve debugged enough intermittent problems in my life to know that getting a repeatable failure is a giant step toward identifying the problem.  Hope you can do something with it.

There is a second bug showing up at the same time, having to do with rendering Hershey text.  There really is no legitimate reason for the text complaint, as my only text is on a different layer and it’s Hershey text anyway.  The complaint about serial timeout also comes in the same errormsg with the warning:unable to draw text.  The warning is only a slight annoyance because it in fact has no text to print at the time, so maybe it’s a software interaction of some sort.

Anyhoo, if you would like anything from me, such as the really small .svg file, please let me know.  I haven’t yet figured out how to attach a file to this post.

Oh, and here’s the exact text from the errormsg:

Warning: unable to draw text; please convert it to a path first.  Consider using the Hershey Text extension which is located under the “Render” category of extensions.
EBB Serial Timeout.
Plot paused by button press after node number 8.
Use the “resume” feature to continue.