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Windell Oskay

The servo is clearly malfunctioning, as are the stepper motors. However, it’s not clear which (if either) are cause or effect here. If you turned up the motor current too much, it’s possible that it’s pulling down the power supply at peak usage, which could cause the servo to glitch. On the other hand, if the servo has failed, it could also pull down the power supply, causing the steppers to malfunction. 

Please try the following:
Check to see if the servo motor is getting hot.
Try unplugging the servo motor (at the EBB control board), to see if that has any effect on the steppers– do they work again once the servo is unplugged?
And, did you adjust the motor current?
In any case, it’s certainly not beyond repair, but it may plausibly need repair. You’re certainly welcome to send it back to us for a tune up, but we’d prefer to get things working in place for you, if possible.