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Lenore Edman

1) Mostly no.

2) Mostly no. But if you add up all the voltages in your series circuit, you’ll see that it can’t run on 3 V.
3) A flashing LED in series with regular LEDs will also cause them to flash. However, if you’re going to run all those things in series, you’ll need a higher voltage power supply. But then you’ll also need to decide how you’re powering your parallel circuit and your motor circuit.
4) Whether you use SMD or thru-hole LEDs doesn’t make much difference, so long as you know their specifications. 
Here’s an article that may help choose a resistor for your circuit, as well as think about what kind of power supply you might want for various circuits:
Here’s an article that gives an example circuit of using a flashing (or in our case, flickering) LED to drive regular LEDs: