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Windell Oskay

You are asking about several different things here; I’ll try to catch them all.

1. “Is there a way to convert my “outline” lines to a single penstroke line?”
I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. Outlines on art work normally should print as single penstroke lines. If you are seeing multiple lines on the outline, you probably have more than one line outside of each object already, and you will need to remove them.
If you are asking how to fill objects with pen strokes, you can use the Hatch Fill extension, or some of the other methods discussed on our wiki:
Yes, the Hatch Fill (or any other methods of adding lines to fill a region) does add considerable time to the plot.  The fastest printing of these (where it can be used) is the Hatch Path Effect method:
2. “The problem is that the entire print, prints upside down.”
Under the “Options” tab of EggBot Control there are options to reverse the direction of the two motors. Check both of those to flip the image upside down.  (We normally keep those two checked and put the base of the egg or ornament towards the headstock.)
3.  “The outline printed, then the hatchfill printed but out of register”
This sounds exactly like slippage of the egg.  Or, possibly, something else loose on the machine. Try printing your outlines over themselves several times: Do the outlines line up over themselves? Well? A little bit off? What you’re probably seeing is a very small amount of slippage that is being amplified by a very much longer plot when you’re filling those outlines. 
Skipping of steps is an extremely unlikely event (unless you have loose wires or things are going very wrong in _everything_ that you’re doing), and using additional layers won’t make a difference.  But it does sound like something is loose
See also our quality troubleshooting guide for additional suggestions and things to check: