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Thanks for the quick, detailed, and helpful response!

I was being pessimistic about the power requirement based on my last pi project which I ended up having to buy a powered USB hub and moving peripherals to it.  But that was with a camera and two wifi dongles plus the occasional USB keyboard.  So, as you suggest, I should just measure the actual amperage of the device with the single wifi dongle I’ll be using. 

I have two servos because I’m using the engraver attachment. I know it’s not really a servo, but I was making the (possibly poor) assumption that it had similar characteristics because it plugs into a servo port and is driven from the same rail.   I’m not planning to drive the servos from anything other than the EBB, I was just figuring the highest total load on that voltage regulator would be whatever the PI pulls plus the peak current from the engraver motor and pen lifting servo.

I guess I should measure the eggbot too and then just add together the two numbers I get.