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OH HEY! I think i tracked it down, and it totally is my system being stupid. I sort of stumbled upon this idea after glancing through the Processing code (i know what you mean now by that, its the library that runs the loading and saving of images basically, though i think it does more). Like i said im on Mint 14 but i forgot to mention im also on KDE. I think this is a KDE thing, though it might be around in GNOME as well, where they have a ‘recently used’ section in the open/save dialog. It looks totally normal, but ive noticed that it uses some wacky symlink nonsense in how it funds that stuff and that flipped a switch in my head. I hadn’t noticed it before (like i said before my brain isnt working today so well) but i guess i was always selecting files from that ‘recently used’ section in  the dialog. Just for giggles i tried navigating manually to the file and BAM it totally works go figure. 

Long and short of it, Mint 14 KDE has an odd bug with Stipplegen and Java where you cant load things from the recently used files. Its not a bug on Stipplegen, its a bug with Mint. I dont have a machine to test on any other Distro or on GNOME, but it might do the same there. To fix it just dont use the recently used files bit of the dialog. Always navigate to the file manually. For some reason the dialog doesn’t pass its values back to loadImage() properly. 

Thanks Windell for the help and i hope this gets to Google so other people that run across this can figure it out!