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Windell Oskay

The SVG images that StippleGen saves are pre-formatted to be used with the Eggbot, but it’s straightforward to use them with the WaterColorBot instead.  Note, however, that stipple drawings look great when drawn with a pen, and not very good when drawn with a (presumably much broader) paintbrush.

We would *recommend* printing this kind of picture from within Inkscape, rather than RoboPaint, as it is better at handling complex SVG data of the sort that StippleGen produces.

If you’re going to be printing from within Inkscape, open the WaterColorBot template, and then use the File>Import option to open up the SVG file.  Select the object that was imported, and move it (drag it) onto the center of the page. If the drawing fits onto the page, it is ready to print.  If not, you may need to resize it a bit. 
And, to draw with a pen, select Pen/Pencil mode from the Mode tab of the Control WaterColorBot extension.
We have not actually tested printing StippleGen output in RoboPaint, but it should be possible (in principle at least).  Go to the Create mode, and select File> Open SVG, and select your SVG file. Click the “Fit Content” button to move your drawing to the center of the drawing area, and it should be visible.  
To draw with a pen, go to the Settings> Painting Setup tab  and select Painting/Drawing mode “No water or paint.”