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Windell Oskay

No, that’s not normal at all. If it’s been doing this since your first plot, it sounds like your machine may have had some damage in shipping, or perhaps there is a problem with the power supply. Please contact customer support directly so that we can follow up personally, ask some follow-up questions, and determine the best way to get you back up and running.

Your grinding sound is when the motor “cogs” to the wrong position — that’s “loss of position control” as described in section 11.4 of the user guide. If you were running near the upper end of the speed range, I might advise that you turn down the cornering speed factor, but my suspicion is that something is _very_ wrong if you’re seeing this at speeds like these. If you’d like to send us a zipped SVG file for a sanity check, we’d be happy to look at it as well.