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Windell –

My WCB does fine with simple pictures but tends to fail if the painting is too complex.  It loses it location for a second and then all heck breaks lose – painting on the board between the water dishes, knocking over the water dishes – kind of funny actually.  I can actually hear it when it happens so if I stop it in time, no damage done.  But I was wondering is there anyway to re-calibrate it in the middle of playback?  I wouldn’t think so but I though I would ask.  I bought a big pad of watercolor paper so I usually just reset and start from the beginning.
Also – I was going to try to lower the current a bit more and see if that helps but I wanted to ask: What is the indication that the current it *too* low?  Is that a brown-out situation where I risk burning out the motor itself?  Too high = stuttering, too low = ?   Looking for indications of the Goldilocks point.