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First “proof of concept” run of Eggbot Coilwinder complete.
I abandoned using the pen arm as a ‘wire guide’ as it was ‘fiddly’ and did not work very well due to the varying distance between the wire feed and the coil former. Made a ‘addon’ from Lego, the addon uses linear guides (Lego style ;-) ), the pen motor drives the ‘carriage’ by a string wound directly on the motor shaft. With enough turns around the motor shaft and a spring tensioner there are no ‘slippage’, the motor ‘stalls’ when preventing the carriage from moving without the string slipping on the shaft. The whole “contraption” is a ‘drop-in assembly’ and going from Egg-bot to coilwinder and vice versa takes less than two minutes. Next step is to make drawings and fabricate the parts from laser-cut plywood. Will have to decide what kind of rail system to use.
See images;


To get the coil-winder to wind in ‘wave’ pattern you just have to change the program for higher carriage speeds back and forth. I will have to study the topic further as there are a ‘lot’ of variables involved.