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Windell Oskay

Can you please say:

* How you installed Inkscape 1.0
* Which version of the AxiDraw software you have installed (on the Linux side)
* The exact text of the error message you are getting

In any case, I would suggest that you unplug the AxiDraw from both power and USB until the LEDs fade (probably 5-10 s), and then connect _only_ the USB cable (until you have good communication). Wait at least 30 s before trying to access the USB port. This resets the AxiDraw, and allows time for the computer to recognize the newly-connected device.

You might also try logging out and back in, or rebooting in Linux.

A possibility is that some kind of permissions issue is preventing Inkscape specifically from accessing your serial port. You might try running Inkscape as root, or try plotting from the CLI to see if that is the case.

We have seen some cases where distributions do not allow non-root access to USB devices by default, but everything that I see about mint suggests that usually dialout is sufficient ( e.g., ).