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Windell Oskay

Many of the parts — things like bearings, rivets, cord, and so forth are available in small quantities. There is plenty of woodworking involved.

Some parts are custom made, and some are a little hard to find. We *do* have remaining stock of many of these, and can sell them to you if you need them. These include the WCB 2.0 winches and their hardware, the various parts of the main carriage, the rod end sliders, the cable guide, the EBB control board, motors, etc.

We also have stock of the water dishes, paints, and other consumables, as well as most of the hardware. We do not currently have the large wooden parts nor the 6 mm steel shafts.

I recommend that you look carefully over the bill of materials and the stackup, identify what you need, and contact us about the parts that you aren’t able to find in appropriate quantities. While there’s a lot to be said for making the custom parts from scratch, a lot of them are actually available for purchase.