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Hi Hannah. I’m the author of the EBB firmware updater, and Windell asked me to come see if I had any ideas on how to help you get past this error message.

My first guess is based on the first error message you posted. The EBB updater .exe file is actually a self-extracting archive of several different files. When you run it, it extracts all of the separate files, and then starts running the update process. One of the files it contains is the actual EBB firmware .hex file. The error message you are getting makes it seem like that file is not getting extracted properly, or is not being allowed to stick around for some reason. When the update process finds your EBB (AxiDraw) and tries to update it, there isn’t a .hex file for it to use and so you get the error message.

I’ve never seen that happen before, but I have some ideas on things we can try to fix it for you.

First off : What is the exact file name you are double clicking on? Is it EBBUpgraderGUI_v270.exe?

When you double click on that file to run it, where exactly is it located? Is it on your desktop, or in a folder on your computer somewhere?

Answers to those questions will let me know what direction to head next.