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I need to jump in here also. I have a new (a few weeks old) EBB that is having almost the same problem that Linda is describing. I get the same errors;
Unexepcted response from EBB.
Command: SM,13,-3,2
Response: 0
Unexepcted response from EBB.
Command: SM,11,-1,3
Response: 0
displayed when the print is done with some shift in the drawing in the X axis (egg motor movement). The shift is easily to spot. If I simply reprint the same print, it has moved in the X direction.
This seems to be happening mostly when I print files that do longer movements in the X direction like making 6 similar images around the egg. If I make only one of the images it works fine.
I’ve noticed this on more than one file that I have made or downloaded. I thought it was something I had wrong until I ran into the post.
If you ask me the same questions that you asked Linda, the answers are the same as far as versions. The one difference is that I use the eggbot extensions in inkscape, not the axidraw extensions (I thought they were for the axidraw machine).
I printed the test file you sent with the eggbot extensions with no errors.