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Thanks for your response Windell.  I would definitely like to upgrade the firmware, getting this cable to work with the clock is a step on that path hopefully.

Thanks for confirming the 3v3 version should work, now I can concentrate on debugging instead of buying more stuff.
(time passes)
And now I can confirm that I got it working.  I have found out that if I plug the cable into the clock first, then into a computer, I never get a device.  This is reliably reproducible.  It’s also what I was doing over and over last night because it’s much easier to plug/unplug the USB end than the clock end.  However, if I plug into a computer first, then plug into the clock, I get the device and can at least attach to it (which is as far as I’ll get in working on it this morning).

Further confusing things, I can definitely speak serial with the pi when I connect the pi first, then to a computer.  Again, I know that this isn’t apples-to-apples with the clock connection, but it is still odd.
So, I can get a device to speak with the clock, and I can play with it more tonight.  yay!
Do you have any insight into the issue I’m having with order of cable connection being important?  I’ve never seen that written down anywhere, not sure if it’s part of the unwritten lore of that cable, or the clock, or something specific to my clock/cable (doubt it’s the computers or OS since I’ve confirmed the behavior with 2 of each).  Not sure it matters any more but I am very curious about it.
Thanks again for taking the time to respond and giving me hope to keep poking at the problem!