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Windell Oskay

Those two LEDs are D610 and D106, which are connected between control lines LED6 and LED10.  The LED10 connection to the red ring is good, because the rest of the red LEDs– all of which are also connected to LED10 –are working, so the problem must either be at the LED6 control line, or is at one or both of those red LEDs.

When these LEDs cannot light up, the current that would normally go through them needs to go *somewhere,* and so it goes through the other red and blue LEDs connected to lines LED6 and LED10– which are just the ones that you listed on the red and blue rings. 
Check the soldering first at vertical wire jumper LED6, at the red ring.  This is the most likely place where the trouble could be.  Also check the traces that lead from that point to the two red LEDs that are not lighting.