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Yup, the association with the chocolate manufacturer was the only reason – and now that you have showed me the light, it was surely a poor choice.  I just wanted something to replace the asterisk I had been using.

The idea of designating the origin in the traditional way is perfect – I was clueless in that regard.  I assume when you used “MT” in your suggestions that was a neural echo of the “HT” you initially suggested – your first link shows “MT” as the Monotype designator.

[Whoops – note added in proof: “HT” is already in use by Huerta Tipográphica
I also searched for HM font foundry, HS… (for Hershey Modified, Hershey Style) and got too many hits for comfort.  Even “EB” is in use as a prefix.  What about “EG”?   What do you think? ]  8^)

So, I take it you would like to use the files?  If so, I’ll make the Cocoa => xx changes in the next day or two, and upload them here?