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    I’m thinking that with all the font choices, user may need some help choosing the “perfect” one.  So…I’ve suggested a bit of an expansion to the action dropdown in hershey.inx.  Below is an image to illustrate:

    Windell Oskay

    I like the idea of creating a font table like this, but I would recommend having only a single line in the drop-down menu to select it. Perhaps that should be something like “Generate font table from this text.”


    Something like this?  (I chose the word “sample” rather than “table”, because I thought that perhaps to a non-technical person generating a “table” might sound more intimidating than generating a “sample”.  No biggy.)

    I hope you had a good time at the Maker Faire!  8^)

    Windell Oskay

    Yup!  That looks fine (and huge)!


    In case you would like the new hershey-related files, I have zipped them and put them in  This is my first time using dropbox, so I’m not 100% confident that I’ve “got the hang of it”.  8^)

    Yes, it is huge isn’t it (and my own personal copy is “huger”, as I’ve included for my own personal use some additional fonts which are free but not covered under SIL OFL).

    [EDIT: See following post for these files with two more fonts added.]


    Here’s the files but with two additional fonts compared with May 26 version:

    [EDIT: Ho hum, added yet another, see next message for the link]


    [EDIT: Hopefully the last of these, but see next message]


    [EDIT: Please stand by – I’ve found a very odd problem with the Cocoa Bird face, but I’m in the middle of switching to Windows 10, so may be off-the-air for ??? period of time.

    In this latest version I’ve kept the font shapes all the same, but have regularized, as much as possible, their sizes.  This makes a visual difference when the font samples are being displayed, and thus perhaps makes it slightly easier for user to compare faces.

    This is just the file, you’ll need the previous zip for and hershey.inx

    Here is the font names crossreference to original names:

    Cocoa Allure            <= Allura                    SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Bird                <= Bilbo                    SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Bird Swash Caps    <= Bilbo Swash Caps            SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Brush                <= Alex Brush                SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Capitol            <= Sacramento                SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Casual Hand        <= Covered By Your Grace    SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Delight            <= Delius                    SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Delight Swash Caps<= Delius Swash Caps        SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Elfin                <= Mountains of Christmas    SIL OFL per metadata, though google cites Apache License, version 2.0
    Cocoa Felix                <= Felipa                    SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Herculean            <= Poiret One                SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Invite            <= Tangerine                metadata silent, but SIL OFL per google and fontsquirrel
    Cocoa League            <= League Script            SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Misty Night        <= Foglihten No03            SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Neato                <= Bad Script                SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Osmotron            <= Orbitron Regular            SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Pepita            <= Pecita                    SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Qwandry            <= Qwigley                    SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Society            <= Mrs Saint Delafield        SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Swiss                <= Italianno                SIL OFL per metadata
    Cocoa Tech                <= Architects Daughter        metadata silent, but SIL OFL per google


    Whew!  Dodged that bullet after much handwringing.  Dunno when I’ll try Win 10 again, if ever.

    Anyway, here’s a zip with the Cocoa Bird problem fixed, and – no big surprise – two additional fonts, both licensed under SIL OFL.  Cocoa Little Princess based on Princess Sofia, and Cocoa Pancakes based on Short Stack.

    Windell Oskay

    Can I ask why “cocoa”? That is also the name of one of the major MacOS frameworks ( ), and I’m concerned that it could lead to confusion.

    If the name is just because it’s evocative of the name Hershey, we might consider a few alternatives, for example cacao, choco, etc. However, I would instead suggest the prefix “HT” — for Hershey Text. Many font families have similar name conventions, where a 2-3 letter prefix or suffix designates the origin (font foundry), as in “Trebuchet MS” or “URW Venus (see and ). I think that “MT Bird,” “MT Pancakes”, and “MT Little Princess” would be compact, easy to read, and clear that they represent a family (or shared origin, at least). Thoughts?


    Yup, the association with the chocolate manufacturer was the only reason – and now that you have showed me the light, it was surely a poor choice.  I just wanted something to replace the asterisk I had been using.

    The idea of designating the origin in the traditional way is perfect – I was clueless in that regard.  I assume when you used “MT” in your suggestions that was a neural echo of the “HT” you initially suggested – your first link shows “MT” as the Monotype designator.

    [Whoops – note added in proof: “HT” is already in use by Huerta Tipográphica
    I also searched for HM font foundry, HS… (for Hershey Modified, Hershey Style) and got too many hits for comfort.  Even “EB” is in use as a prefix.  What about “EG”?   What do you think? ]  8^)

    So, I take it you would like to use the files?  If so, I’ll make the Cocoa => xx changes in the next day or two, and upload them here?

    Windell Oskay

    Ha!  HT is in use… how about that? Where did you find a list of those?

    (Yes, sorry for the HT -> MT substitution.)
    Some more suggestions:
    SS, for single-stroke
    1S, for single stroke (surely this isn’t taken?)
    Windell Oskay

    I see– this was a google result. Roger that.  SS is taken, as is HTS.


    HT1 is fine by me, though perhaps there is less precedent for numerals in the prefix – dunno, and it’s not by any means a big deal to me.  If we’re going with three characters with the nod to Hershey text, how about HTE for Hershey Text Extended, or Enhanced, or [gasp] Eggbot or [double gasp] Evil?.  (It is extended, after all, because we’ve gone to a floating point representation from an integer.)

    Additional question: are there any of the font names for which you have alternate suggestions?  As you can guess, the names were completely off-the-cuff creations for which I have no great partisanship.

    Windell Oskay

    H.T.E. looks OK, although I cannot type it — it is literally the only thing in my autocorrect dictionary! 

    More suggestions: EMS (for Evil Mad Scientist)
    NH: For New Hershey
    HSS: For Hershey Single Stroke (Also sounds like High Speed Steel, which is good for those of us that use the Hershey Text fonts for engraving things!)
    I don’t have any other particular suggestions about names, but I expect that some of those do collide with other known font names.
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