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Windell, do not worry about the holiday delay I *fully* understand. I’ve only got a couple hundred hours of python development, but 10’s of thousand of hours doing C/C++/Fortan and more than 40 other languages.  I currently work under contract as a senior programmer for NASA, and am one of the developers for LinuxCNC.  So yes, I should be to do some debugging (given the time – which is currently almost nil).  One of my major job focuses just took an interesting turn and I will probably be working overtime for the foreseeable future… Realistically I will likely only have at most an hour or so a night to work on any of my projects as I am winding down before bed (~1am). 

Something that would be helpful would be if you or someone else could describe how to run the extensions standalone (outside of Inkscape) so I can run it in a debugger and single step through the code.  If that is not possible, then I can pepper the code with bread crumbs to isolate where it is dieing.  Do you have other suggetions besides the interface to pyserial?  As a note, I am in meetings the rest of the week, then I go on holiday/vacation, and possibly some work travel. I’ve put the EB in with my travel things, but do not expect that I will have to much time to work on it…

Thanks again!